U.S. To Delay Tougher Border Security Measures (Updated)

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This Washington Post article details an effort by Congress to delay new border security measures by as much as 17 months.

It seems that the government's rush to implement tougher security like requiring passports with imbedded RFID-style tags, has run into significant snags in it's implementation:

"Poor planning and premature implementation of this system could clog our borders while making us even less secure," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat who backed the delay.

Technical issues aside, the system will have a negative impact on border economies no matter when it is implemented. Consider this quote:

"Mayors on both sides of the border, governors and premiers and elected people at all levels have been trying to impress the Americans to take another look at this and delay it"

I am glad to see this ready for passage, but I am constantly disappointed by the attachment of non-spending bills into appropriations bills. Atleast this measure is attached to a domestic security bill.


It seems, according to this article and an NPR story (sorry no link) that some Republicans who were after an enforcement-only plan earlier this year, including James Sensenbrenner, chairman of the Judiciary committee are looking to block the delay.

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