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More concerned about the image of the United States around the world than George W Bush's image, the Senate Armed Services Committee, controlled by Republicans, moved to pass a bill to protect the rights of foreign detainees instead of the bill pushed by Bush to authorize Military Tribunals for the detainees.

In doing so, they also moved to protect American soldiers by blocking efforts by Bush to seek a narrowed interpretation of the Geneva Convention's standards of humane treatment.

It continues to amaze me how we Americans continue to tolerate the Bush administration talking out both sides of its mouth on this issue. They protest and protest that they do not torture but then resist any effort to make doing so clearly illegal. They bring their secret prisons out into the open, transferring prisoners to Gitmo in the process so that they can be tried but in the same stroke seek to narrow standards of treatment so that they can torture future prisoners first.

Some small excerpts from the Reuters article:

Bush has been under fire for indefinite detentions and harsh treatment of foreign suspects at Guantanamo Bay as well as abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Human rights groups say mistreatment of prisoners has damaged U.S. moral standing.

Some lawmakers say they fear the practices put American soldiers at greater risk of harm or abuse if they are captured in conflicts overseas.

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