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Huffington Post Blogger, George Lakoff, delves into why George W Bush insists on calling our fight against terrorism a war. Terrorism, he argues, is a crime, nothing more. But, if you call it a war, you can get congress to authorize use of the military to fight it.

The blog post goes in to detail rebutting the administrations argument. Here are some selections:

For a few hours after the towers fell on 9/11, administration spokesmen referred to the event as a "crime." Indeed, Colin Powell argued within the administration that it be treated as a crime.

Once adopted, the war metaphor allowed the president to assume war powers, which made him politically immune from serious criticism and gave him extraordinary domestic power to carry the agenda of the radical right: Power to shift money and resources away from social needs and to the military and related industries. Power to override environmental safeguards on the grounds of military need. Power to set up a domestic surveillance system to spy on our citizens and to intimidate political enemies. Power over political discussion, since war trumps all other topics. In short, power to reshape America to the vision of the radical right -- with no end date.

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