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Counterterrorism officers at the CIA are lining up for government backed insurance to cover their legal expenses should they face civil or criminal charges for the way they have conducted their jobs.

It would seem their greatest concern comes from a change in leadership in either Congress in 2006 or the White House in 2008.

This insurance is coupled with efforts by the Bush Administration to protect civilians in the government from liability due to the mistreatment of prisoners.

The Washington Post story has the details.

The administration's efforts to protect officers with both insurance and legislation speaks volumes about the legality of what has occurred and perhaps continues to occur. Fortunately, it has not been a total walk:

The proposals have won mixed reviews in the Senate, where they are generally opposed by Democrats and a group of dissident Republicans. The proposals were deliberately omitted, for example, from competing legislation circulated last week by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner (R-Va.), Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.).

With John McCain the Republican front-runner for 2008, I suspect his opposition could be all that is required to head off this legislation, at least until after the 2006 election.

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