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According to this story, the damage caused to the Earth's ozone layer is slowly recovering. Since the adoption of the Montreal Protocol, CFC emissions have slowly declined world wide and with it, the concentration of CFCs in the atmosphere.

"The level of ozone-depleting substances continues to decline from its 1992-1994 peak in the troposphere and the late 1990s peak in the stratosphere," [World Meteorological Organization] secretary-general Michel Jarraud said in a statement.

Last year, the ozone hole reached about 27 million square kilometers (10 million square miles) on September 20 -- just below its largest size in 2003 of about 29 million square kilometers (11.2 million square miles), WMO experts said.

If the decline continues, the seasonally appearing hole is expected to disappear by 2065.

The damage caused by the release of CFCs and the positive effects of curbing those emissions should be a shining example for those concerned about the warming effects of man-made Carbon-Dioxide emissions. Hopefully the powers that be will get this message and begin to do something about it.

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