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Early this morning, I made some changes to the site to reduce the cluttered feel that was starting to come over it. The 'Save and Share' box that was at the bottom of each article, was redecorated and moved into a float within the article itself.

The ability to post comments related to any article remains open to anonymous users but has been moved to a second page.

The ultra-gaudy Subscribe box with all the little buttons pointing to various RSS sites has been updated to link to the main feed and the new RSS feeds page instead.

The presence of AdSense advertising has not changed much except that it's appearance within the site should prove more consistent.

There is still more work to follow. I will be building out a section devoted to tracking the 2008 elections, including candidate and issues pages as well as a greater number of stories and feeds devoted to the topic.

Also, the RSS Feeds page needs to be completed with feeds for the various topics.

Lastly, look for a greater push to reinvigorate the growing quote collection.