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Recently, I migrated a website for a group to which I belong from PHPNuke to Drupal. The migration of the data was only half the battle. You see, search engine traffic and deep links from other sites all depend on the URL. When you change the software that is running your site, you will change the URLs as well.

I have been piecing together some scripts that capture requests to old URLs and redirects to the new URLs but the process is tedious. When a website has 400+ pages, is it even practical to setup all the necessary forwards for every page?

The site doesn't get a lot of traffic, but the 404 page gets the most hits of any page on the site now. I have given guidance on the 404 page asking people to repeat the search that brought them using the site search tool because the content is there, just moved. Clouding the issue further is the fact that the site was being spammed something awful, and the URL used to do the spamming also results in a 404 message.

Am I worrying over nothing? Anyone out there done a migration like this and seen their traffic fall off as a result?