Joe Biden

Senate Presidential Candidates Missing Many Votes

As of yesterday, 3/21/2007, the United States Senate has had 88 Roll Call votes. The six presidential candidates holding senate seats have missed a total of 101 votes between them.

Perhaps some of these candidates consider the responsibility of their current job a hindrance to their aspirations, but do we really want a president who doesn't take their responsibilities seriously.

Bush Provokes Viet Nam Flashbacks For Senate Foreign Relations Committee

During the height of the Viet Nam War, the Nixon administration began secret cross-border raids into Cambodia to stem the flow of supplies into South Viet Nam. The administration denied to Congress that it was conducting such raids.

On Wednesday night, president Bush called Iraq's neighbors, Syria and Iran, onto the carpet over the flow of supplies and munitions into Iraq saying:

We will disrupt the attacks on our forces. We'll interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq

Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, during a hearing with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, put the president on notice regarding cross-border incursions:

I believe the present authorization granted the president to use force in Iraq does not cover that, and he does need congressional authority to do that. I just want to set that marker.

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