Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson Lobbied For Abortion Rights

While working as a lobbyist in 1991, soon-to-be social conservative presidential candidate Fred Thompson lobbied the George H.W. Bush administration about easing the government's gag rule in regards to federally funded clinics.

Fred Thompson Spied For Nixon During Watergate Hearings

During the Watergate Hearings, Fred Thompson was the Republican minority counsel for the hearings and, it turns out, a spy within the hearings for the Nixon Administration.

Lobbyist For President?

Would you vote for a presidential candidate that has made over a million dollars lobbying Congress? How about a candidate who's campaign staff is top heavy with Phillip Morris insiders? Or, a candidate who did considerable lobbying on behalf of insurance companies fighting asbestos claims?

Bush and Cheney Backers Move To Thompson

Leading the charge to get Fred Thompson's campaign off the ground is George P Bush, Texas real estate developer and nephew of the president. Bush sent out a fundraising letter seeking donations to kick off the campaign by funding the exploratory committee.

Expect More Of The Same From Fred Thompson

Former Senator from Tennessee, and 'Law and Order' star, Fred Thompson is looking more and more likely to enter the crowded Republican field for the presidential nomination. If elected, expect his administration's foreign policy to resemble that of the current administration.

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