Passenger Data System To Track Religion And Sex Life

The Unites States and the European Commission are close to establishing a system to share passenger data that goes way beyond the usual name, address, etc.

Russia Again Threatens Arms Race

Adding further emphasis to Russia's objection to a European missile defense shield, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov threatened to deploy cruise missiles in Kaliningrad, a small Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania

European Super-State Possibly Blair's Last Act

A few years ago, some European Union member states, including Britain rejected an EU Constitution that would have consolidated power into a European super-state. Now Blair and Merkel are planning to revive the issue.

Google To Make Privacy Concessions

Under pressure from European leaders, Google is looking to change it's privacy policies to limit the amount of time it retains search data.

CIA Prisons In Eastern Europe

According to high ranking government officials in Poland and Romania, and despite official denials from their governments, the CIA ran detention centers in those countries to hold, interrogate, and torture suspected terrorists after the 9/11 attacks.

Putin Asks To Be Included In Missile Defense

Russian president Vladimir Putin offered to take back his objections to the U.S. planned missile defense shield provided it protects "all of Europe" and that it be placed in Azerbaijan instead of Poland and the Czech Republic.

G8 Leaders Agree To Work On Climate Issues

In place of the firm cuts sought this week by Germany, host of the G8 summit, the gathered leaders agreed to work collectively on a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through "strong and early" action.

White House Makes False Greenhouse Gas Reduction Claims

In concert with the presidents calls for the leading industrialized nations to introduce voluntary curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, the White House claims that while the U.S. economy has grown 10% since 2001, greenhouse gas emissions have risen only 1.6%. They claim this is better than the 8%/5% seen in Europe. That is a false claim representing typically bad administration science.

Bush To Snub Putin

U.S. president George W Bush, seemingly immune to diplomatic subtlety, will be meeting with Vladimir Putin as part of the G8 summit this week and then will proceed to Poland and the Czech Republic for meetings about his planned missile shield. This after a political firestorm has erupted over Russian missile testing and the targeting of European cities/bases by Russian missiles.

Putin: Russia To Aim Missiles At Europe

In response to U.S. plans to setup a missile shield to protect Europe, Russian president Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia will return to the cold war stance of targeting Europe with missiles.

Russia Testing Missiles To Beat U.S. Missile Shield

The Russian government is testing new missiles that they boast will penetrate the planned U.S. missile defense shield planned to protect Eastern Europe from Iranian missiles. Russia scoffs at that claim saying that the shield undermines the balance of power in Europe and will make the region a powder keg.

First Cyber-war?

This past month, the Estonian Internet infrastructure, practically a public utility compared to western utilization, was practically shutdown by attacks from ethic Russians, possibly coordinated from within the Kremin.

U.S. Rejects G8 Climate Proposals

Ahead of the G8 Summit, Germany has proposed some tough measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. has squarely rejected.

France Outlaws Videos Of Violence Recorded By Ordinary Citizens

On the 16th anniversary of the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles, the French Constitutional Council ruled that a new law banning the video recording of violence by ordinary citizens was constitutional. The law does not prevent the press from making such recordings.

The intent behind the law was to reign-in delinquents who commit acts of violence while a friend records them for later amusement value, but civil liberties groups argue that the law was written deliberately vaguely so as to ensnare citizens unrelated to the attacker as well. They believe the intent is to keep videos of police abuse from being made.

Germany Knew About CIA Torture Cells

While European Countries publicly cried foul about rendition flights and CIA secret prisons, demanding to know where they were located, it turns out at least German ministers already knew.

Stern magazine quoted a leaked German intelligence report yesterday which said that only weeks after September 11 2001, two agents and a translator visited a US military prison at the American "Eagle Base" in the Bosnian town of Tuzla, where they saw a torture victim.

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