Bloomberg's Green Apple

In recent weeks, New York City's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has put forth some astoundingly progressive proposals seeking to reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

G8 Leaders Agree To Work On Climate Issues

In place of the firm cuts sought this week by Germany, host of the G8 summit, the gathered leaders agreed to work collectively on a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through "strong and early" action.

Congress Working To Block State Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Yes, you read that right. Rep Rick Boucher, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has introduced legislation making the EPA the sole decider on what the greenhouse gas emission regulations should be, if there will be any at all.

White House Makes False Greenhouse Gas Reduction Claims

In concert with the presidents calls for the leading industrialized nations to introduce voluntary curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, the White House claims that while the U.S. economy has grown 10% since 2001, greenhouse gas emissions have risen only 1.6%. They claim this is better than the 8%/5% seen in Europe. That is a false claim representing typically bad administration science.

China Rebukes Calls To Curb Greenhouse Gases

Claiming that industrialized nations are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions, China has said that growing its economy with the goals of economic development and poverty eradication is more important. They did however commit to being 20% more energy efficient than 2005 by 2010.

Global Warming Accelerating Three Times Faster Than Predicted

Three new studies, released just before the G8 summit, add new evidence that action on global warming is needed sooner rather than later.

Bush Attempts G8 Distraction

After refusing to consider climate change proposals planned of the G8 summit next week, president George W Bush is now calling in the 15 largest polluter nations to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Oil Companies Ask Employees To Bike To Work

Yes, you read that right. In Houston, the big oil companies are pushing their employees to bike to work to help ease congestion, clean up the air, and improve fitness.

Alaska Town Sinking Into Former Permafrost

As the global temperature rises, buildings built on permafrost in places like Alaska, Canada, and Siberia are sinking into the ground.

Project Censored: 25 Stories Kept Out Of The News

Project Censored is a news site that reports stories that have been kept out of the news for whatever reason.

U.S. Rejects G8 Climate Proposals

Ahead of the G8 Summit, Germany has proposed some tough measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. has squarely rejected.

Al Gore Derides Blurring Of Line Between News And Entertainment

During a book tour appearance, former Vice President Al Gore attacked the media's obsession with 'trivialities and nonsense'.

Ethanol Driving Sharp Rise In Food Prices

The price of food globally rose 10 percent in 2006 as a result of the demand for corn as a source for ethanol according to a study by the International Monetary Fund.

Headlines (5/21/2007)

Inside the Digital Dump. Poor Chinese are poisoning themselves trying to strike it rich mining discard electronics for copper and gold.

New process generates hydrogen from aluminum alloy to run engines, fuel cells. If I read this right, we could be looking at using water to fuel hydrogen powered vehicles.

For 2008, Who Isn't a Flip-Flopper?. The Washington Post calls the '08 candidates onto the carpet for Flip-Flopping on both sides of the aisle.

Prewar intelligence foretold Iraq upheaval. Still believe Cheney when he says that we could not have foretold the situation that has developed in Iraq. Our own intelligence people did.

Senators to debate immigration policy.

Headlines (5/18/2007)

Today's headlines are a mixed bag of political, business, and environmental news. Some good, some bad, some just more of the same:

Google wins part of nude-photo suit. This is a victory for search engines and fair use. It's not all great news however, as the court is still deciding whether Google can link to a website without permission.

Scientists cast doubt on Kennedy bullet analysis. A new look at old evidence debunks the single-shooter theory of the assassination. Please, please, no one tell Oliver Stone.

Deal May Legalize Millions of Immigrants. Much to the chagrin of the border-control crowd I suspect. If you're wondering whether it's a good plan, consider that people at both ends of the spectrum hate it. That's a victory for the silent majority.

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