Giuliani Two-Faced About Gun Control

Former NY Mayor and Republican presidential candidate, Rudolph Giuliani, is coming under fire about his stance(s) on gun control. As major of NY, he was a staunch advocate of control. Now, in an effort to capture the republican nomination, he's changing his tune.

Fred Thompson Spied For Nixon During Watergate Hearings

During the Watergate Hearings, Fred Thompson was the Republican minority counsel for the hearings and, it turns out, a spy within the hearings for the Nixon Administration.

Trade War With China Coming?

Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have endorsed legislation calling for punitive trade tariffs on Chinese goods if the Chinese do not revalue their currency.

In Fundraising, Republicans Trail, McCain On The Ropes

Second quarter fundraising disclosures for the three leading candidates from each party show the Republicans will behind the Democrats in total donation dollars.

Would An Impeachment Of Cheney Allow Bush To Create An Incumbent?

Under the U.S. Constitution, president George W Bush is not allowed to seek a third term. Current vice president Dick Cheney has said he will not run. This leaves the country with an incumbent free presidential election for the first time since Coolidge refused to seek re-election in 1928. Replacing Cheney, through impeachment or resignation, could give the Republicans an incumbent in the 2008 presidential election.

Lobbyist For President?

Would you vote for a presidential candidate that has made over a million dollars lobbying Congress? How about a candidate who's campaign staff is top heavy with Phillip Morris insiders? Or, a candidate who did considerable lobbying on behalf of insurance companies fighting asbestos claims?

Bloomberg / Hagel In 2008

Back in May, Senator Chuck Hagel expressed dismay at the course the Republican Party has taken and said he was considering an Independent Bid for the presidency. During his statement he made mention of Michael Bloomberg and expressed the possibility of a joint ticket. Yesterday, Michael Bloomberg officially dropped out of the Republican party and opened the door to a possible independent or third party bid. Could we be looking at the birth of a new national party?

Microsoft Lobbying NYS To Change Election Law

Microsoft has some issues with the Election Law in New York State and is looking to make some changes through a massive lobbying effort.

Early Survey Finds Weird Support For Candidates

The top choice for Republicans who think the Iraq war is a mistake: John McCain, a war hawk. The candidate with the most support from church-goers: Mitt Romney, a mormon. A new USA Today poll has collected some seriously weird survey results in gauging peoples attitudes about the election so far.

Four More Years Of Putin?

The Russian constitution bars presidents from serving more than two consecutive terms in office but does not prevent a president from sitting out a term and then coming back. There is some speculation that Putin may do just that.

GOP Senators Push Bush Toward Bipartisan War Effort

Several months after its release and casual dismissal by the president, several GOP senators are urging the president to reconsider the recommendations of the report authored by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

Ron Paul: It Had To Do With Oil

Maverick Republican candidate, Representative Ron Paul of Texas, announced his belief that U.S. intervention in the Gulf, particularly Iraq, is about protecting the interests of the oil industry. He went on to criticize the tax breaks and other subsidies the U.S. gives to the oil industry.

Republican Candidates Considering Libby Pardon

Several candidates in the Republican field are considering a pardon for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who was sentenced this week to 30 months for perjuring himself during the Valerie Plame / CIA leak case.

Republican Immigration Infighting Continues

On Monday, presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and John McCain debated the immigration issue in immigration sensitive Florida.

Bush and Cheney Backers Move To Thompson

Leading the charge to get Fred Thompson's campaign off the ground is George P Bush, Texas real estate developer and nephew of the president. Bush sent out a fundraising letter seeking donations to kick off the campaign by funding the exploratory committee.

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