Gonzales Resigns

With an announcement scheduled for this morning, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned.

Illegal Immigration Myths And Facts

As the Department of Homeland Security prepares its "no match" assault on American businesses that employ illegal immigrants, it's time to examine common misconceptions about the role illegal immigrants play in American business.

Republican War On California?

As the Department of Homeland Security prepares for an assault on businesses that hire illegal immigrants, Californians in particular can look forward to economic and social devastation.

Passenger Data System To Track Religion And Sex Life

The Unites States and the European Commission are close to establishing a system to share passenger data that goes way beyond the usual name, address, etc.

Texas Border Wall To Begin Construction

As early as this fall, the U.S. may begin building the border wall approved by the Republican congress last year -- even if eminent domain has to be used to seize some of the land it is to be built on.

Court Restricts Wiretapping Suits

In a split decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that you cannot sue the government over illegal wiretapping unless you can prove that you were personally effected by it. That appears to leave out everyone but Wendell Belew, a D.C. attorney who was accidentally handed a copy of his surveillance record in 2004.

Homeland Security Not Immune To Hackers

Over the last two years, the Department of Homeland Security has been hacked into over 800 times that they know of. They have been subject to virus outbreaks and even keyboard logging.

Homeland Security Turns To Sci-Fi For Help

It may sounds like the stuff of fiction, but it isn't. Homeland Security is looking to the imagination of the Sci-Fi crowd for solutions to homeland security issues.

Project Censored: 25 Stories Kept Out Of The News

Project Censored is a news site that reports stories that have been kept out of the news for whatever reason.

Immigration Bill Contains Another Threat To Civil Liberties

As part of the sweeping immigration bill before Congress, there are provisions to establish a set of databases that employers would need to use to verify work eligibility for both future and current employees.

Bush Administration To Pander To Republican Base With Border Fence Ceremony

Thursday morning, the American people will be treated to what I'm sure will be live news coverage of President Bush signing a bill authorizing a 700-mile fence of the U.S. - Mexican border.

The administration, which favors a more measured approach to border security has apparently decided it would be best to pander to the republican base with a public signing ceremony of this controversial bill less that two weeks before the election.

Chertoff Asserts Protecting America Too Expensive

In testimony before congress, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff stated that protecting every possible target in America against attack would bankrupt the nation. I have no doubt that such an overly simplistic statement is true. But what of our current priorities:

Mr. Chertoff, since he was named secretary in February 2005, has talked of the need to make spending risk-based, but his department has also been lambasted for compiling a list of possible targets that included a petting zoo, a bourbon festival and a popcorn factory, while at the same time it cut antiterrorism grants to high-risk cities like Washington and New York.

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