Sales Tax Coming To An Internet Near You

For the past six years, the States have been lobbying Congress to pass legislation to have Sales Tax collected on online purchases. Such measures have failed each year, but this year looks different.

Oil Companies Ask Employees To Bike To Work

Yes, you read that right. In Houston, the big oil companies are pushing their employees to bike to work to help ease congestion, clean up the air, and improve fitness.

Project Censored: 25 Stories Kept Out Of The News

Project Censored is a news site that reports stories that have been kept out of the news for whatever reason.

U.S. Rejects G8 Climate Proposals

Ahead of the G8 Summit, Germany has proposed some tough measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. has squarely rejected.

Congress Passes Minimum Wage Increase In War Bill

Buried in the Iraq War Funding Bill, a practice I strongly disagree with, was a measure to raise the Federal Minimum Wage.

Time For Email Bankruptcy?

If you are far behind on email and overwhelmed by the volume, is it time to just give up, get a new address, and start over?

Home Sales Up, Prices Down

In April, new home sales rose by the highest amount in 14 years, but prices dropped by the most on record.

Bush Backs Big Oil In Fight With House

As the House of Representatives considers a bill to penalize price gouging at the pump, the White House has come out with a statement that it will veto any such measure.

Ban On Tax For Net Access Up For Renewal

Established in 1998, the Federal ban on taxes on Internet access is again up for renewal. Without renewal, it will expire on November 1st, opening up a window for state and local authorities to levy taxes on access to the everything from email to twitter.

Ethanol Driving Sharp Rise In Food Prices

The price of food globally rose 10 percent in 2006 as a result of the demand for corn as a source for ethanol according to a study by the International Monetary Fund.

Internet Radio Equality Act

There is a bill moving through Congress called the "Internet Radio Equality Act" which is aimed to save Internet Radio from the dustbin of history. The RIAA has gotten a decision that would required Internet radio stations to pay them a royalty of $.08 per listener per song. The new legislation sets the royalties at 7.5% of revenue (what Satellite stations pay.)

Google Bans Ads For Essay Writers

To help stem the tide of cheating on college campuses, Google has taken steps to ban advertisements for essay writing firms on their site.

Immigration Bill Contains Another Threat To Civil Liberties

As part of the sweeping immigration bill before Congress, there are provisions to establish a set of databases that employers would need to use to verify work eligibility for both future and current employees.

Headlines (5/22/2007)

Relief for the most needy among us. This past week, Congressman Tim Ryan participated in the Food Stamp Challenge. The Challenge is to live on $3 a day for a week. That amount is what the average food stamp recipient receives.

NYPD surveillance prior to the 2004 GOP convention: a list. In NYC during the GOP convention and wonder whether the police were spying on you. Chances are, they were. Just disclosed documents detail who they where keeping an eye on.

Mental Health Problems Among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. Casualty statistics should be more than a body count. Consider the lives ruined by mental illness as a result of combat.

Iran's secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq.

Headlines (5/21/2007)

Inside the Digital Dump. Poor Chinese are poisoning themselves trying to strike it rich mining discard electronics for copper and gold.

New process generates hydrogen from aluminum alloy to run engines, fuel cells. If I read this right, we could be looking at using water to fuel hydrogen powered vehicles.

For 2008, Who Isn't a Flip-Flopper?. The Washington Post calls the '08 candidates onto the carpet for Flip-Flopping on both sides of the aisle.

Prewar intelligence foretold Iraq upheaval. Still believe Cheney when he says that we could not have foretold the situation that has developed in Iraq. Our own intelligence people did.

Senators to debate immigration policy.

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