Fragile Immigration Deal Facing Killer Amendments In Senate Votes

Several key provisions of the bi-partisan immigration deal are under assault from amendments being considered in the Senate this week.

Canada Moves To Ban Terminator Genes

The practice in question is creation of genetically modified seeds that will produce a crop that is seedless. Canada is looking to join India and Brazil in banning such a practice.

iPhone To Be Open Platform?

During a Q & A session at the D conference, Steve Jobs has gone on record reversing months of statements by saying that Apple is working to make the platform accessible to 3rd Party Developers.

Congress Working To Block State Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Yes, you read that right. Rep Rick Boucher, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has introduced legislation making the EPA the sole decider on what the greenhouse gas emission regulations should be, if there will be any at all.

White House Makes False Greenhouse Gas Reduction Claims

In concert with the presidents calls for the leading industrialized nations to introduce voluntary curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, the White House claims that while the U.S. economy has grown 10% since 2001, greenhouse gas emissions have risen only 1.6%. They claim this is better than the 8%/5% seen in Europe. That is a false claim representing typically bad administration science.

China Rebukes Calls To Curb Greenhouse Gases

Claiming that industrialized nations are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions, China has said that growing its economy with the goals of economic development and poverty eradication is more important. They did however commit to being 20% more energy efficient than 2005 by 2010.

NY Makes Selling Violent Games To Minors A Felony

Any game that includes "depictions of depraved violence and indecent images" if sold to a minor is now a Class E Felony in New York.

Valarie Plame Sues CIA Over Memoir

The CIA is interfering with Plame's efforts to publish a memoir including what amounts to attempts to un-out her. Some of her service records were unclassified as part of the leak for which Scooter Libby is going to jail. Now, as she prepares to publish a memoir, the CIA is looking to re-classify those documents.

Bush Attempts G8 Distraction

After refusing to consider climate change proposals planned of the G8 summit next week, president George W Bush is now calling in the 15 largest polluter nations to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Google Crossing Privacy Line (UPDATED)

Exposed by the Drudge Report, Google has introduced a new feature to Google Maps that allows you to bring up street views that show peoples faces both indoors and outdoors, license plates, etc.

McCain Wrong To Oppose Net Neutrality

During the All Things Digital conference this week, John McCain was asked about Net Neutrality. His response, clearly against Net Neutrality shows a complete lack of understanding of the issue.

Obama Promises Health Care For All

First-Term Senator and Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama, is promising to sign a law granting universal health care into law by the end of his first term has president. The estimated annual cost of $50-65 billion would come mostly from allowing some of Bush's tax cuts to expire and repealing some other tax cuts put in place by the Republican congress.

Chinese Stock Market Falls 6 Percent

The Shanghai Composite Index, up 62% for the year, has dropped 6% today in response to an increase in taxes on trading. Some stocks fell to their 10% daily loss limit.

Main Stream Media Dominates Web News

Think the Internet works to counter the influence of the Main Stream Media (MSM)? You'd be wrong. Of the top 15 news sources on the web, only two aren't MSM entities.

Securing The Homeland For Minimum Wage

After September 11th, businesses started to place steeper demands on the capabilities of private security guards, many of which make the minimum wage or just a little more.

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