China Responds To CO2 Report

Earlier this week, as reported here, a Dutch Agency responsible for quantifying global greenhouse gas emissions identified China as the top emitter of CO2, passing the U.S. for the first time. China has come back with an official response.

Organized Labor Split On Immigration Bill

Some labor unions hope to gain membership from the millions of workers likely to become citizens under the bill while others are concerned about having to compete with guest workers who may not be afforded the same protections as their American counterparts.

NY Times Investigating News Corp And Rupert Murdoch

With News Corp looking to buy Dow Jones, the New York Times has decided to look into the global business dealings of Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp.

Nigerian Threat To Gas Prices

It seems that Nigeria, a major exporter of oil, is on the verge of a general strike. If that occurs, expect gas prices to rise at the pump as oil futures soar. Just the threat of a strike has oil futures at a 9-month high.

Microsoft Lobbying NYS To Change Election Law

Microsoft has some issues with the Election Law in New York State and is looking to make some changes through a massive lobbying effort.

Congress To Push Ethanol Production

A bill in congress, with bipartisan support, will look to increase Ethanol production in the U.S. to six times its current levels. This despite the fact that the diverting of corn into Ethanol production is already driving food prices higher at a rate faster than inflation.

Peak Oil Coming Soon?

A new report, created by BP, an oil company, released yesterday says that they believe there is enough oil to last 40 years at the current rate of consumption. The independent Oil Depletion Analysis Centre disagrees: They believe we could see peak production very soon.

Immigration Bill Down But Not Out

Tuesday, president Bush went to the capitol to speak to Senate Republicans about the immigration bill. Now we have news that a bipartisan group of Senators are working to overhaul the legislation in hopes of getting it passed.

Google To Make Privacy Concessions

Under pressure from European leaders, Google is looking to change it's privacy policies to limit the amount of time it retains search data.

Oil Forecasts Point To Higher Gas Prices

World demand for oil is rising faster than predicted, and world output is growing slower than predicted. The basic rules of supply and demand say that we're in for higher gas prices, maybe a lot higher.

Driver Fined $1,000 For Vegetable Oil

North Carolina has fined a driver $1,000 for using vegetable oil to power is 1981 Mercedes. Their reason: not paying taxes on motor fuel.

Smart Growth vs Suburban Sprawl

There is a growing battle for the future of development in the U.S. That battle is over whether suburban sprawl should continue ever onward into the sunset or should we consider what anti-sprawl advocates call "Smart Growth."

Bloomberg's Green Apple

In recent weeks, New York City's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has put forth some astoundingly progressive proposals seeking to reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

Passport Restrictions Eased Temporarily

As the reality sets in that new passport restrictions are seriously inconveniencing travelers this summer, the Bush Administration has temporarily suspended those restrictions. The suspension will last until the end of September and allows Americans to fly to and from Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean without a passport.

Immigration Compromise In Jeopardy

Early this morning, the Senate voted 49-48 to amend the legislation to put a five-year sunset on the guest worker program portion of the compromise. Given the uncertainty that would give employers who hire anyone but seasonal workers, it is the equivalent of removing the program.

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