The Healthcare Economy

America spends $2 trillion a year on health care, or $6,666 per man, woman, and child in this country. Meanwhile, a new study suggests that the only meaningful growth in jobs between 2001 and 2006 was in Health Care. Have we become dependent on a broken system for economic survival?

Campaign Against FOXNews Begins

Several liberal leaning groups have begun a campaign to first catalog and then call anyone who advertises on FOXNews to ask them to stop.

Passenger Data System To Track Religion And Sex Life

The Unites States and the European Commission are close to establishing a system to share passenger data that goes way beyond the usual name, address, etc.

iPhone Cracked/Hacked

A group of researchers working for a company called Independent Security Evaluators have managed to crack/hack their way into iPhones using either WiFi or malicious code on sites visited by the iPhone's web browser.

Patent Reform Moves Backwards

The house judiciary committee has approved legislation to reform the U.S. patent system. Much of what is being proposed is unlikely to make the system any better, however.

Proposal Raises Cigar Tax From 5 cents to 10 dollars

A tax proposal being considered by Congress to pay for children's health care proposed substantial increases in tobacco taxes.

Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Approved In Georgia

I am usually reticent to repeat a press release for mass consumption, but I consider this one to be very newsworthy. A company called Range Fuels has gotten approval to open an ethanol production plant where the ethanol is produced from cellulose rather than sugar.

Dollar Nears Record Low

With the stock market booming and the trade deficit with China at an all time high as well, it is strange that the U.S. dollar is headed in a different direction.

Peace Time Procurement No Way To Win A War

After the failure of several contractors to deliver badly needed equipment on time, the U.S. Military's procurement practices have been called into question by the Pentagon's Inspector General.

Moore Sets CNN Straight

In response to 'Sicko', CNN prepared a segment featuring Dr Sanjay Gupta, challenging some of the numbers Moore uses. Then, just before to of Moore's appearances, they ran their segment to put Moore off balance before interviewing him.

Five Years From An Oil Crisis?

With oil production increasing at the rate of 1% a year versus demand rising at more than 2% a year, it is estimated that a supply crunch will hit a critical mass within five years causing a significant jump in oil prices.

Gaza Economy Collapsing

With Hamas now in control of Gaza, Israel has cut off the main commercial border crossing limiting what crosses the border to food and medicine.

Lockheed Martin: Please Be Afraid Of Cruise Missiles

If Lockheed Martin gets their way, the U.S. government may shell out as much as $10 Billion dollars to protect the U.S. coastline from Boston to Washington D.C. from cruise missile attacks.

Flight Delays More Common Than Reported

Sitting on the tarmac for hours may be far more common than the airline industry lets on.

Will Gas Prices Drop Soon In U.S.?

While U.S. gas prices hover just under record highs, U.S. oil stocks are now at their highest point in nine years. Can we expect to see a drop in gas prices?

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