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Questionable Science On James Taranto's 'Best of the Web'

James Taranto, the extreme right-wing Wall Street Journal pundit responsible for the 'Best of the Web' column has a knack for being selective in his commentary if it helps him score quick points with his conservative readers. In an attack yesterday on Al Gore, Taranto made a significant slip-up in his rush to smear Gore's reputation.

U.S. Still Largest Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Emitter

"China Passes U.S. In Greenhouse Gas Emissions" is a headline you'll see in wide circulation today. It is a headline that will be used to deflect attention away from the need for the U.S. to do something about its carbon emissions. What the misleading headline doesn't tell you is that on a per capita basis, the U.S. is still just over four times that of China.

Gore Calls G8 Climate Deal A Disgrace

While praising the effort made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former vice president Al Gore called the watered down "deal" for further climate talks a disgrace.

Early Survey Finds Weird Support For Candidates

The top choice for Republicans who think the Iraq war is a mistake: John McCain, a war hawk. The candidate with the most support from church-goers: Mitt Romney, a mormon. A new USA Today poll has collected some seriously weird survey results in gauging peoples attitudes about the election so far.

Gore Rejects Bush Impeachment

With only a year and a half left in Bush's last term, Al Gore has called any effort to impeach Bush a waste of time and resources and questions whether there is enough of a consensus for such an effort to be successful.

Asked if he did enough in 2000, Gore said that he'd gone as far as he could short of violent revolution.

U.S. Rejects G8 Climate Proposals

Ahead of the G8 Summit, Germany has proposed some tough measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. has squarely rejected.

Al Gore Derides Blurring Of Line Between News And Entertainment

During a book tour appearance, former Vice President Al Gore attacked the media's obsession with 'trivialities and nonsense'.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, Pushes For Gore Presidency

Steve Jobs has gone on record predicting that if Gore, a member of Apple's Board of Directors, were to run, he would be elected.

Headlines (5/17/2007)

Big area of Antarctica melted in 2005. It was thought that melting in Antarctica was limited to the peninsula. Now scientists think it could be a lot worse.

For ’08 Resumes, Don’t Ask Them to Fill in Blanks Candidates on both sides are dodging questions about questionable episodes in their past. Can the American people get an attention span long enough to demand answers.

Senators Renew Call for Gonzales' Ouster. Two more Republicans have crossed over to asking him to step down.

Book Excerpt: The Assault on Reason. This is Al Gore's latest book and hopefully his platform to a Presidential bid.

As Goes Virginia, So Goes The Senate

Today's news bring us Rumsfeld's long overdue resignation, Hastert's decision not to seek a leadership role in the next congress, and Tester's victory in Montana.

The Senate comes down to Virginia. As of this moment, Webb, the democrat, is ahead by 7,262 votes. It is unclear how many are left to be counted and from where. Hopefully, Allen will do the country a favor and concede the election rather than risk ruining his political career being a sore loser (at least that's the advice republicans kept giving Gore in 2000).

Using CNNs stats, here's how the race currently stands:

Senate: D-50, R-49, 1 undecided
House: D-229, R-196, 10 undecided
Govs: D-28, R-21, 1 undecided

If we take the current leader in undecided races it breaks down as follows:

Senate: D-51, R-49
House: D-232, R-203
Govs: D-28, R-22

A number of those house races are down to a few hundred votes out of hundreds of thousands, so it will be a while before there's a final number there.

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